Ifashion week 2017



Production Company: ICONOCLAST

Agency: FRED & FARID

Director of Photography: KANAMÉ ONOYAMA

Post-Production Company SAUVAGE.TV

My role: Working on the 3D content of one of the model's scene. 

Most important tasks: Modelling/Shading/Lighting/Camera Tracking

Working time: 7 days

Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Octane Render


Modelling, shading and lighting assets based on the Art guidelines.

Tracking all the shoots before working on the style frames. 

After tracking setup was succesfuly done. I started to work in the style frames with the assets I made before.

At this point, art guidelines changed dramatically. I was told then to create 360º fruity plants. So I created a procedural system that allows me to create 360º plants very fast.

However, these 360º fruity plants worked very well in solitary, but as soon as they were together in the stage it didn't feel very good. So finally, I received a new guideline again. This was a painful moment because I only had 3 days more before the deadline, but at the same time it was a very rewarding moment because we finally find the correct creativity. 

So I was told to create realistic plants instead, that will be floating in the air with a very subtle animation.

Not only plants, I also have to animate some petals growing as they were part of the girl cloths. Here is the final video of my work. (Color correction and 2D postproduction made by Sauvage TV)

Before you leave, receive a 360º Fruity Plant Kiss as a bonus clip!

Thanks for watching.