Quill + c4d experiments


I draw this dragon in Quill with Oculus Rift, in order to explore different ways to export into Cinema 4D curves as assets. This is a 360 panoramic view of lines I have first done. At the moment I don't know how to embed 360 panoramic photos in my website, but you can check this links 

In Experiment II I added color lines in Quill, exporting into Cinema 4D and add a simple animation with jiggle deformers. (Don't forget to right click "loop" before watching the video)

In Experiment III, instead of exporting the color lines with vertex color, I exported only the splines. Then with the help of Hair module, in one hour of animation I could create this loop.

There is still a lot of room of improvement, but the purpose of this example is to show you the power of combining these two tools together.