Hi, my name is Javier Verdugo, I am a digital artist living in Barcelona, Spain.  I work as freelance in my home studio and sometimes on in-site companies.

I am 3D Artist, specialized in animation, VFX and rendering. Currently I am working with 4 render engines, Redshift, Octane, Cycles 4D and Arnold (and of course C4D standard/physical). I also love working with Xparticles, after few years of experiments I could say I master this plugin and there is nothing I can't do. 2017 is the year I have started to working with Houdini and the amazing VDB tools.

For other hand I also like to create compositions of my 3D work in After Effects (I am learning Nuke, I hope I will be able to move completely to Nuke in 2018) or doing some 2D animations when needed. 

If you need more information about me or my abilities, please feel free to contact me at: