Hi, my name is Javier Verdugo.  

I work as freelance based in Barcelona, Spain, settle up in a Co-Working place and sometimes on in-site companies.

I am 3D Artist, specialized in animation, VFX and Shading/Lighting/Rendering.

Currently I am working with 4 render engines, Redshift (my preferred), Octane, Cycles 4D and Arnold (and of course C4D standard/physical).

I love working with Xparticles, and always enjoy accepting new challenges. 

2017 was the year I have started to working with Houdini and the amazing VDB tools.

2018 I started to work with Nuke for my compositions, still need a few months to feel totally comfortable with it.

I work in Spain, but I also work with international companies around the world remotely or, in case of needed, I am also open to travel to your place.

If you need more information about me or my abilities, please feel free to contact me at info@javierverdugo.tv or fill the following form.

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