Havas Worldwide entrusted Tigrelab with the brand video of the Kado cosmetics.
Tigrelab created all the objects fully in 3D, composing them into minimalist backgrounds as to highlight the different kinds of product.

The main concept of the spot was to show the products as in a kinetic installations inside a modern museum, creating coordinated movements to give more dynamic and hypnotic shapes.

My Role:

I worked this time in my own office.

I did all the Modelling, Shading and Lighting of all the needed assets and provide them to Tigrelab.

Software used: Cinema 4D and Refshift.


Client: KADO Cosmetic

Location: Havas Worldwide

Audio: Wesley Slover

Direction, 3D and Animation: Tigrelab


Tigrelab Team

Federico González

Mathieu Felix

Javier Pinto

Felipe Kenji

Dan Garrote


Senior 3D Artist: Javier Verdugo

Senior AE/Nuke Compositor: Xevi Polo

Junior AE Compositor: Antonio Nieto